VNE with leading change machine solutions at ENADA Roma 2012: Security – Simplicity – Service

VNE with leading change machine solutions at ENADA Roma 2012: Security – Simplicity – Service

vne veronaThe leading supplier of change machines to the Italian gaming market – VNE – once again presented a whole world of change machine innovations over their large stand at the Enada Roma that took place between 17th and 19th October.

The ‘Ferrari’ of the change machine industry, VNE, once again underlined why the company has grown to lead the market in the space of a few short years. The excellent quality, exquisite design and real-time after sales service continue to convince operators to look to VNE for their change giving solutions. There were indeed plenty of solutions on display.

One of the first things that visitors this year noticed on the VNE stand was the colour harmonisation. The VNE change machines have now been colour branded and the black / grey combination makes VNE change machines stand out even more in the crowd.

The motto ‘security – simplicity – service’ well characterises the product range and philosophy of VNE. The new Viking change machine weighs 150 kg – over almost three times the standard change machine weight. The double steel protection in the front door and the multitude of heavy-duty locking hooks explain this additional weight. Looking inside the Viking, the term simplicity hits the observer. The components are all well placed in a modular fashion. All cables are well fastened away from reach. The reason why VNE stands out so much – the focus on quality – is simple to see. The highest quality components are used – for example the banknote recycler Bill-to-Bill 200 from Crane (CashCode) or the Merkur Dispenser 100 from Merkur Gaming. Customers may also choose to implement a bank note reader instead.

Looking at service: The online monitoring and supervision of all VNE change machines makes the operation of VNE products viable anywhere around the globe. VNE offers full online support in real-time. Operators can thus see in real-time the transactions and any possible technical queries of all their VNE change machines regardless where they are in use. This information can be passed on to the VNE support team – guaranteeing the best possible uptime of change machines.

VNE change machines can be operated as a marketing tool due to the new possibility to place a TV screen over each change machine. Operators can use the screen for advertising / information or entertaining purposes.

The evolvement of change machines is well demonstrated by the new Two Pennies change machine, designed specifically for the UK 2p change market. The large touchscreen also can be used for advertising / information or entertaining purposes. Two Pennies can also play music as it has integrated loud speakers. Today a change machine from VNE is not just an ultra-secure change machine – it is a point-of-sale device, a juke box, an advertising medium. Operators get so much more from VNE. Naturally, the Two Pennies has an extensive two pence coin capacity at approx. 18,000 coins.

Returning to the local Italian market, VNE introduced a commercial innovation as well – the ‘Rent Project’. Operators can now rent VNE change machines for a fixed monthly sum that includes all online, real-time service. This was particularly welcomed by operators in Italy who need to manage their business very leanly in times of economic crisis. Mr. Lorenzo Verona, Commercial Director of VNE explains, “We think that in this particular economic period it is important not just to offer products but several services: from maintenance of peripherals to online connection of machines for a remote control of money inside the cashbox”.

The ENADA Roma was once again a resounding success for VNE and VNE continues to lead the Italian change machine market. International interest and success for this exceptional company is on the rise as well.