Vne brings change machines into a new world

Vne brings change machines into a new world

Valentina Santarelli and Lorenzo Verona at the last ENADA exhibition back in Rimini early this yearOn the occasion of Enada Roma 2012 VNE will propose something new yet again regarding both the Italian and European market: a commercial innovation and a product revolution. It is difficult to establish what is the more important aspect. Mr. Lorenzo Verona, Commercial Director of the leading Italian money change machine manufacturer, starts by explaining the most ambitious commercial project ever faced by an Italian company – known as ‘The Rent Project’: “We think that in this particular economic period it is important not just to offer products but several services: from maintenance of peripherals to online connection of machines for a remote control of money inside the cashbox”.

By renting a VNE change machine it is possible to have all those services being completely aware of the money spent every month and consequently, we offer the customer the opportunity to accurately plan investments. Moreover, the fiscal advantage for the companies renting machines will be very strong as the entire expense is deductible including the sales tax / value-added tax. Furthermore, VNE is offering the opportunity to have high performing change machines at a reasonable cost, connected to a powerful network able to control and handle them, with fixed expenses and a programmed maintenance that even brings about the potential for fiscal advantages.

“As those machines are connected to our server, customers will visualise not just accounting, refilling, door opening, every kind of operations but they will even visualise machines on google maps. This will allow them to find out the device in the case it is illegally removed”, explains Mr. Verona.

Finally, all the VNE machines could be equipped with TV screens which, still connected to the VNE server, can provide personalised advertising or customers can even sell advertising to a third party.

The Italian market recognises VNE as the ‘Ferrari’ of money change machines as they have never been defrauded. VNE is synonymous with innovation, technology, originality, reliability and honesty but from today everyone has to know that VNE is even synonymous with convenience. VNE offers convenience by providing excellent products and services, maintaining utmost quality.

The second but not less important revolution VNE will propose in Rome is a new model of Change. A new cabinet, which has been planned to be even more secure and reliable: namely the VIKING. It has a modular structure so that it can be used or just as a normal single change machine or as a double change machine. To realize this new change machine, VNE signed an agreement with MDS, allowing VNE to use very high quality peripherals, as the for new 2 banknotes Bill to Bill or the 1 denomination Bill recycler that are particular suited for bars and smaller premises.

On the VIKING, each refilling is monitored and registered for a higher security even in the case of a simple change. Inside, the machine is divided in different sections: in this way it will not be possible to have access to hoppers or to the bill cashbox without having keys or without being authorised. Coins are divided into two hoppers for high capacity alongside a cashbox for the overflow coins or for those coins which are not to be recycled. Thus, with just one cabinet several configurations are possible.

In conclusion, VNE will be presenting a new retail machine – in cooperation with Cogetech – for paying bills, fines, charge up mobile phones and so on. It is the device that can really make the difference and offer additional possibilities. Thus, this new machine offers the dual advantage of being a change machine and retail machine providing several services.