Double sunshine from Merkur sun at Fer in Madrid

Double sunshine from Merkur sun at Fer in Madrid

merkurMerkur Gaming products were presented at two stands at the FER in Madrid. New, differing opportunities are appearing. Present and potentially future market requirements are placing new demands on manufacturers and distributors alike. Each segment has its own focus and own technical and development stipulations. The result to ensure that each market segment receives the full attention it deserves has been to appoint a new distributor – Dosniha from Mallorca – alongside the traditional Spanish distributor Sente from Madrid.

The partnership with Sente spans back many years and the knowhow and support given by Sente has been key to the great success of Merkur Gaming over years. Thus, Sente will continue to support Merkur Gaming in Spain in the Spanish AWP market as it is today. The new ‘Cards West’ AWP series was on proud display. This new series is the successor to the popular reel-based AWP ‘Nefertiti’ in the proven LED cabinet. The unique card features have already been welcomed by the market. Merkur Gaming provides this AWP in a multitude of varieties – to provide the right solution to each AWP segment. These include ‘Cards West’ as reel-based AWP, ‘Cards West Mixed’ as hybrid AWP (reel and video) and ‘Cards West deluxe’ as video-based AWP in the Casino cabinet. Furthermore, Spanish operators and players alike will be pleased to read that ‘Cards West’ is also available as a feature game in the ‘Mixed Games III’ AWP. The transformation to multi-player, video-based gaming machines has occurred in many countries around Europe in the street / AWP market. A prime example is in the home country of Merkur Gaming in which almost a complete move away from reel-based single games to video-based multi games has taken place. The Gauselmann Group has thus amassed even more expertise in the field of multi-games. This innovation, knowledge and expertise have naturally flowed into the Merkur Gaming solutions that are now available to the Spanish market via Dosniha. The multi-game ‘Merkur Magic’ which includes ten separate games is the ideal solution for arcades and has been welcomed with open arms in Spain. It is available in the WB4 casino cabinet as well as the ergonomic Vision Slant Top cabinet that stands out with its beautiful chrome frame.

VLT / SBG technology is making giant strides in global gaming. Merkur Gaming has proven itself time again as an excellent partner in this market segment. We only need to look at the success of Merkur Gaming in Europe’s most important VLT market Italy to receive such confirmation. Thus, Dosniha presented the potential VLT / SBG solution for the Spanish market called the ‘Merkur Magic exclusiva’.

To round off the exciting new solutions that Merkur Gaming offers the Spanish market, Dosniha proudly displayed the ‘Highflyer’ gaming machine that is truly unique in its design and displays the sheer knowledge that Merkur Gaming can tap into at the Gauselmann Group. Here the second 26” screen looks as if it is floating in the air. The player first feels he or she is playing on a slant top and has an excellent view all around – thus particularly to the front – of the ‘Highflyer’. Then looking up, the floating screen seems to appear from nowhere thus making the ‘Highflyer’ such an innovative dual-screen gaming machine. The ‘Highflyer’ has already made a name for itself in Germany and beyond and was a real eye-catcher at the ICE in London. The reclining chair makes sure that the player can relax and enjoy the games of Merkur Gaming over longer periods of time.

Further Gauselmann Group companies, namely the most popular change machine manufacturer in Germany GeWeTe and edict for online gaming were present on the Dosniha stand.

Mr. Thomas Niehenke, COO of the Gauselmann Group, sums up how focused the group is on the Spanish market, “With fifty five years of experience and over 6,000 employees in the group, we have a long tradition and success to look back on. As both manufacturer and operator, we understand the winning formula for gaming success. Our strategy is clear for Spain. Our long-standing partnership with Sente has resulted in great games for the traditional Spanish AWP market. We have experienced radical change in several countries and are well prepared for any such potential change in Spain together with Sente and Dosniha. Merkur Gaming provides the right gaming mix and so more gaming fun for the player and higher returns to the operators”.


Merkur Gaming is a subsidiary of the globally operated German Gauselmann Group with the headquarters in Espelkamp/Luebbecke, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The total business volume of the varying company segments amounted to Euro 1.5 billion in 2010. The Gauselmann Group counts right now more than 6000 staff.
Within the Gauselmann Group Merkur Gaming is responsible for development and sales of AWPs, casino slot machines as well as VLTs for the international markets with the focus on multi-games. All Merkur Gaming products are exclusively manufactured by adp Gauselmann GmbH in Luebbecke, Germany. The ISO 9001:2008 certifications of adp Gauselmann GmbH for development, production and sales as well as the development area of Merkur Gaming guarantee the best quality -“made in Germany”.

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