Good first take…for those who could

Good first take…for those who could

online_sitoA lot of operators of casino games are in stand-by, but those who already started, like, take the first stock: “A success beyon our expectations, thanks above all to the online live”. The new operators who want to obtain a “dot it” licence to offer, among other things, online casino games, must wait the result of the petition made from Stranleybet to the European announcement of competition for the granting of two hundred new licences. But those who already had the licence, according to the previous “Bersani announcement”, since the second half of July could make their début with the games of chance with fixed amount.

888 is between them and it, whit 14 years of experience behind and a presence in about one hundred countries of the world, has all the credentials to confirm its leadership also in Italy: “Our arrival in the Italian market – Pier Francesco Geraci, ceo of affirms – has been a success beyond our expectations. Only in the month of July we delivered in our site more than one million euro of winnings, a very good result, considering in fact that the online casino games started since only two weeks. We have been the first ones to offer the live casino as a novelty. The innovation of the “croupier live” has been the key-novelty that affirmed our leadership as experts in the online casino games”.


Geraci outlines the characteristics and the potential of Italy in the gaming matter: “The fact is that the Italian market, unlike the international one, is regulated with some barriers at the entry and some operational constraints that need very particular strategies, and they often make ideas, posssibilities and experiences coming from the rest of the world fruitless, where one doesn’t pay taxes, there isn’t Aams and there is a “creative” finance. In Italy, the newcomers from abroad, including us, will adopt totally the rules of the market, they will adapt themselves exploiting all the available occasions. It doesn’t means that the chances to reach the profit will be lower, but that it will be a strong need of localization and innovation”.


It’s only cash game! – Also if at the moment of going to press we don’t have detailed data both of the raising of the first solar month with the cash game and of the division of this manner from the one of the tournament, the analysis of the poker rooms leaves out upsetting data, of course in a positive sense, about the launch of this new skill game. About a 90% of the players immediately has been sitting to the cash tables crowding all the gaming levels, from the micro limits to the high stakes that, however, allowed only buy of 5/10 euro, because of the maximum limit of 1000 euro per table.

The players have immediately appreciated the opportunity to seat down and get up from the table when they prefer and at what level they prefer without have been bound to the hours of the tournaments that always take up a lot of hours in front of the pc.

This is obviously a momentary phase. The tournaments and the sit&go will once again be populated also if the cash will settle again on high-volume raising. The poker itself says it, that proliferates since a lot of years on the “dot com” rooms and that always followed the same trend of development.